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Falkland Islands, Leisure Centre

Falkland Islands, Port Stanley Leisure Centre

Very leaky existing tiled pool, lined overflow channel and underground balance tank in GRP.


All grating surrounding pool was fitted and levelled. Retiled the whole of the swimming pool area. The walls surrounding the pool was studded out and lined in GRP; this work effectively turned the pool area into a giant wet room which is ideal for hygiene and cleaning purposes. Building and lining of Jacuzzi area surrounding wall. The smaller pool was filled in with concrete and tiled over.

Refitting of showerheads through the walls after walls have been boarded and GRP lined along with GRP lining of full ceiling area above showers and floor area with non-slip finish.

New tiles between pool edge and gulley. Set forward to allow GRP liner to be dressed over. Small handgrip formed around pool, this allows children to hold onto the side of the pool during swimming lessons.
Existing changing room stripped completely. Suspended ceilings were removed to extend ceiling height by 30cm. New joists were fitted where required. New ceilings with centre detailing. Moisture board studded out over old tiles and all walls GRP lined seamlessly and returned onto floor, this allows very efficient cleaning of walls in comparison to tiles and grout. New tiling and grouting to finish.

Commercial Pools

• Quick and easy to install
• Long lasting
• Smooth finish to repel bacteria
• No joins or seams so unlikely to leak
• Strong, non-porous surface that won’t tear
• Chemically neutral – a ph of 7 is perfect for fibreglass pools so chemical cost can be significantly reduced
• Good looking with a range of colours and trims available

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