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Bund Tank and Spill Tank Lining


Bund tanks and spill tanks need to be completely leak proof and durable.

The contents of a bund tank can sometimes contain chemicals that are corrosive, and a tank that is leaking or cracked can cause contamination of surrounding areas and lead to expensive losses and in some cases even heavy fines.

Lining a bund tank with fibreglass will protect against harsh chemical elements. It also offers a smooth surface that makes it difficult for bacteria to form, and is a seamless and joint-free lining so reduces the risk of leaks.

Using fibreglass means that the existing bund can be relined, making as good as – if not better than – new. It also means that the any disruption is limited, and fibreglass linings are usually carried out within a matter of days, allowing productivity to be resumed as quickly as possible.

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